Every technology since its inception has changed and become better with the advent of advancing technology. Cars become more fuel efficient. Buildings are made faster and stronger. Computers have grown in power exponentially since their humble beginnings. The internet is not only in need of change, such is inevitable. The requirements of data have become more than the current systems can easily handle. The explosion of mobile computing and smart devices only shows continued growth and has no indication of slowing down in any way. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are used by hundreds of thousands of people, each likely with several devices capable of those services alone.

The mobile data area needs a new technology. Attobahn will be a dedicated provider, using a new type of service that is made to work not unlike a growing organism. The more customers use the service, the wider their service area grows. Not relying upon old towers or static hotspots, their technology is significantly faster than anything currently on the market. Customers are given a mobile device that acts as a roving hotspot, bringing high-speed internet wherever such is needed. Additionally, their services are made to work in terms of Not Megabytes, but Gigabytes per second or more. With an increase of at minimum 1000% in speed, streaming services are no longer an issue.


By 2022, mobile data traffic is expected to reach 77.5 exabytes per month
worldwide at a compound annual growth rate of 46 percent.


Decades ago, the current infrastructure for the internet was conceived and built for an internet that was predominantly text and simple data forms. Occasionally, an image was added in for flair or to illustrate a point. Today, even the most basic of pages incorporate advertisements that in themselves include interactivity and movement of images using various types of code that may or may not incorporate into the page. The demands of bandwidth, or the amount of data capable of being processed at a given time, have risen on a fundamental level. Streaming sites such as Twitch or YouTube offer free content to viewers, streaming or downloading large content files on a regular basis. The technology of decades ago simply cannot keep up.

A constant stream of large amounts of data are required for a smooth experience, but unpredictable and overburdened technology leads to pauses and the infamous buffering status where the video or audio pauses only to return with poor quality. This data stream is not only inconvenient but vulnerable to others wanting to infiltrate the stream. Billions of dollars a year are lost to fraud, the cost of protecting systems, and the embarrassment of companies who have been victimized.


Attobahn has submitted to various entities for patent a revolutionary form of communication. A Viral Molecular Network that provides high-speed, high-capacity internet that could provide Terabits per second. With a layered security network incorporated into the system, not only will this innovative service be leagues faster, it will be safer as well. Creating a nationwide coverage will increase the possibility for connected devices and bring to market untold numbers of products and services to expand both personal and business use. Imagine what a network of ultra-high-speed internet could do for a community, city, and business. The latest of 4k and HD transmissions being viewed without buffering, choppy playback, or poor quality! Streaming services shared without dropping subscribers or difficulty understanding. All of it using a network that is wireless and fiberless. Installation would not require massive overhauls of the existing system, because they would bypass it. A seamless transition to the next level of data sharing, ready to be provided by our company!

Attobahn will forever change the mode of internet access as the new form of service that will spawn new applications, which in turn will drive further evolution of the internet itself.