Attobahn: Connecting the Unconnected

Attobahn, Inc. was incorporated under Delaware law on May 16th, 2013. It has business premises in Loudon County, Virginia. We currently seek funding to confirm our patent pending design before building a proof of concept and prototype. Attobahn was established to provide an alternative, ultra-fast, more affordable solution to the problems of facing today’s Internet. Our solution will be much, much faster and far more secure.

Most current ISPs have little choice but to offer services via fixed connections, through a WI-FI router. Our users gain access to their services over a V-Rover device. They enjoy a dedicated wireless network running at at 10 to 60 Gbps — speeds our competitors can only dream of — speeds significantly faster than any current mainstream hard-wired Internet Service Provider in the entire US. What’s more, these ultra high speeds will be accessible  across multiple devices.

The V-Rover is a combined-access device and high speed cell switch. Customers each use a 160 Gbps V-Rover switch in their home, mobile or automobile. Our method is a radial departure from traditional networks with their fixed radius architecture based on the permanent physical location of network equipment. Every member on our network is effectively extending our network radius by means of their V-Rover device — becoming, in essence individual hot spots. In effect, no longer is there any need for users to seek out hot-spots, or use slow and unsecured connections.

The bonus is that, so long as the user remains within a half-mile radius of the next user, this vast increase in range comes with absolutely no drop in speed.


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Current Internet Problems

Though global demand for Internet services seems insatiable, its 25 year old technological foundations are buckling under the pressure. Today’s Internet, configured as it is around IP systems that do their best to integrate data, voice, and video yet increasingly fail to reach the standards we expect in the 21st century. Anyone who has spent time hypnotising themselves by staring at the infamous buffer wheel knows only too well the frustrations involved.

The clumsy dynamics of non-uniform packet sizes, nodal inertia, and unpredictable  pathways used by IP routers impact negatively on users’ experience, leaving them waiting impatiently for their movies to download, putting up with drop outs during voice calls, and being irritated by poor quality video conferencing.

The bottom line is this: We need to start over. Because it may not be too long before providers will encounter a serious shortfall in capacity to meet the demand for the ever greater speeds essential for driving to bandwidth-guzzling products like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Since it is now operating at the edges of its performance envelope, IP’s current narrow-band architecture must surely reach a point where it simply cannot cope. How will this slow-coach Internet bring to life the promise of emerging 4 and 8K ultra-high-definition television, studio quality real-time news reports and real-time 3D Ultra High Definition video?

And that’s before we consider weak security. Every year, billions of dollars in fraudulent transactions cause embarrassment to corporations and government agencies alike as hackers find it easier and easier to access remote accounts.

Essentially, what we are developing a Viral Molecular Network featuring:

• A country wide, US network

• An international network, capable of transporting voice, data and video, in studio quality and at 4K and 8K resolution to Ultra High Definition televisions

This high capacity traffic data is directed by Nucleus Switches serving as communications hubs in cities.

The combined effect if these technologies is analogous to sipping fruit through a straw. A Viral Molecular Network (VMN), moves data, voice, video, movie streams, high resolution graphics, and virtual reality information at terabits per second across a nationwide wireless network.

Our network will be commercially available and access-free to all United States homes — urban, suburban, and rural. It will provide high capacity, high-speed access to end users’ voice, computing, and entertainment systems.


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