Quantum Speed Internet

Attobahn’s primary focus is providing internet users with a mobile alternative to traditional internet. Our network is designed to operate at Terabits speeds, facilitating streaming voice and video with intense clarity. Adaptable to virtually any user’s needs, it can be a secure, fast, and cost-efficient alternative for access to the internet.


The Attobahn is an alternative access method to the internet that bypasses traditional TCP/IP methods. This also bypasses the limitations of current hardware, allowing far faster speeds of up to 20 Gigabits a second. The possibilities for streaming and downloading become far-reaching when those speeds are available for the user. Such is particularly true when the user is the hotspot, meaning the network is as mobile as it’s user instead of a cell tower.


Attobahn utilizes a viral molecular network that provides coverage based on the user location. This access to the internet is at both high speed and secure. The data transfer rates have been measured in terabits per second, far faster than the current available network using megabytes as their measurement. As an adaptive network, the Attobahn system is designed to handle movie streaming, communications, voice, video, computer communications, high resolution graphics, kinetic information and interactivity, and virtual reality data. All on a nationwide wireless network that uses far faster cell frames-based switching instead of outdated IP routing.


Attobahn will permanently revolutionize the way internet is utilized, and set the standards for future applications. Those developments will inspire further advancements and developments, aiding in the evolution of information technology and communications. As a highly secure and cost effective mode of ultra-speed internet, Attobahn will become an industry leader in both how we process data over distance, and internet use.


The Attobahn team has over 50 years of expertise in constructing commercial wide area networks. This experience makes the team adaptable to the current challenges in information technology and innovation. Familiar with the advancements in technology and the application of those changes, the team at Attobahn is prepared to implement the revolutionary systems proprietary to them, and create the next great leap forward in this field.


The industry’s most complete solutions for recognition – A HIGH CAPACITY MOBILE INTERNET

Attobahn’s main goal is to provide Internet users with a more cost effective way to access wireless broadband data including voice and video at terabyte (TERABITS) speeds. Our provisional patented architecture is scalable across virtually every user technological touch point.

  • Viral Molecular Network
  • Self-Healing Architecture
  • 20 Gigabits per second dedicated bandwidth to each individual user
  • High speed, high capacity terabits per second
  • Most secure and cost effective way to connect the planet in the future


Mobile video conferencing

With high-definition mobile video conferencing, the devices you already own are your access point to a world of conferencing possibilities.

Video & Movie Download

Download videos and full-length movies online at record speed.

Kinetics Interactive Network Services

Market leading Internet Service Management, Internet Billing.

Broadband Live Online Gaming APPS

Online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service.

Network Computers light client devices to WEB services

Market Leading Internet Service Management and Bandwidth Shaping Solution.

Transportation Vehicular Infotainment Technology services for cars and trucking fleets

The future of transportation with autonomous driving, built on an end-to-end platform.


Internet Access

First wireless and fiberless mobile broadband content delivery system delivering more than 20 Gigabits (Gbps) to each end user.

On-Net Cell Phone Calls

Clear and concise voice and video communications through our mobile broadband technology.

Private Corporate Network Services

Leveraging Technology to Increase Profitability.

Host to Host

Market leading Internet Service Management.

Entertainment Live Broadcasting

End to end video solutions for media and enterprises.

Remote Kinetics APPS

High-performance professional apps.


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  • Atto-Technology is the New Ecosystem

    Tech moves forward by going from one ecosystem to the next, and each new ecosystem is a change in scale. Mobile has the scale of everyone on earth.