The internet, and how we use it, must evolve

As information evolves both in scope and use, the technology it uses must evolve with it. The internet is growing faster than ever, and we need to reformat our thinking. Disruptions have affected us all, and we are excited by the opportunity to deliver a new infrastructure that will meet the demand. Data needs are a thousand fold what they were and growing. We are ready to take on that challenge.

About Attobahn

We are a unique company ahead of the oncoming data bottleneck. Our system provides the first wireless and fiberless mobile broadband network, capable of delivering over 20 Gigabits (Gbps) of bandwidth to each end user. This content delivery system is ready to assist you and solve your data needs.

Global Recognition

In the “internet of things market,” approximately 14.4 trillion goods are available. With 99.4% of those goods and services unconnected, the opportunities are vast. Attobahn will be the best option to reach new markets, providing an infrastructure for data needs many have not yet even considered.


Attobahn’s architecture will consist of three layers of networks:

  • The Access Network Layer (ANL)
  • The Protonic Switching Layer (PSL)
  • The Nucleus Switching Layer (NSL)


The only focus we have at Attobahn is delivering excellent data service and speeds. We utilize our Viral Molecular Network, a high-capacity mobile internet optimized for more than just text.

Investors Relations

Attobahn will be the most secure and cost-effective access point to the internet. We are forward-looking internet providers seeking to do more than meet today’s needs. Our revenue model is self-evident, and our future is as bright as our connection speeds are fast.


Patent Pending Technology

Our proprietary information technology is registered with the U.S. & International Patent and Trademark Offices. This technology that will facilitate the connections and speeds that drive the future is designed with one goal. We use it to provide low-cost wireless with extreme speeds and provide a distinct competitive advantage over rivals. These connections will grow with great speed and reach both far and wide.

Internet Today’s Problem

The problem that has plagued the Internet is its inability to properly accommodate high quality voice and video. These two applications require more bandwidth that the current Internet structure can handle.

Old Technology

The current Internet was originally designed for text data, more than a quarter century ago. The primary part of this architecture is the Internet Protocol.

Low Security

The most critical area of concern for the Internet is security of information. In 2014 alone 1,023,108,267 records were stolen, which average to 2,803,036 records lost or stolen every day.

Growth in Wireless Data

Today, demand for wireless data continue to increase exponentially, 57% growth in wireless data, explosion of Mobile and Wearable Devices, Streaming Multi-Media.

Poor Quality Voice Conversations and Delayed “Buffer” Wheel

Inconsistent internet performance in delivering both voice and video in high quality at speeds consistently required for new technological growth, adoption and scale necessary to push innovation forward.

Why Attobahn?
High speed, High capacity, High secure network

Other Internet Service Provider

11.400 MBPS

Data Rate

11.400 MBPS

113 MBS


155 MBS


Attobahn Internet

10.6 GBPS

Data Rate

10.6 GBPS

4.5 GBPS


3.0 GBPS


How fast is 20Gbps?

  • 1 Second
  • Download
  • 25 songs:
    .05 seconds
  • 3 Seconds
  • Untitled-1Download
  • An HD TV show:
    0.15 seconds
  • 36 Seconds
  • Download
  • An HD movie:
    3.6 seconds

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